RIGHT: This flat drop-in floor access door is also installed in Ontario, CA. The flange around the opening is 6" x 6" x 1/4" and can be recessed if a form out is done prior to installation or it can be set in as-is without creating a tripping hazard. This door was installed in an existing structure. This door also can be provided sealed or not sealed.

Full Odor Control Cover over thickeners at Parkesburg, WV WWTP with Integral Access Hatches to all of the primary maintenance areas.

Here shows a Launder Cover opening above an Odor Control above an Odor Control Cover. Depicted as a sealed application with Fiberglass plates installed to accommodate wall opening also provides hanger supports for cover.

Section B-B Alternate

End & Wall Mount Surface Mount Cover

Section D-D

Pedestal Support on Weir Wall

LEFT: 4-Piece flat walkable odor control cover over Aeration Carrousel with Integral Access Hatch.

Marianna, FL

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Section C-C

Typical Door

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BELOW: Two 5-Piece flat walkable odor control covers over Aeration Carrousel Access Hatch

Odor Control Covers over launders in Secondary Clarifiers at Parkersburg, WV WWTP. Covers have integral access doors for maintenance.

Hyperion Screw Pump Covers - Playa Del Rey, CA

Glass-Steel, Inc. custom designs and fabricates odor control covers for collection of noxious emissions in numerous water and wastewater applications. All covers have integral access doors custom-sized to fit the requirements of each particular application.

The fiberglass composite materials used for each application vary to suit the particular design parameters desired by our client. Covers can be built to clear spans up to 20 feet when depth of cover area is not an issue. With the use of fiberglass structural members, virtually any size area can be covered and sealed against escaping emissions. Covers can be designed to cover an entire open area such as aeration tanks or can be designed to cover only the trough areas on the clarifiers, circular or rectangular. Clarifier partial covers generally have integral scum baffles, which are partially submerged to seal off the trough area.  

Requirements which affect the material we utilize are:
1. Load requirements and how load will be applied
2.   Chemical resistance requirements
3.   Fire retardancy requirements (if applicable)
4.   Smoke generation requirements (if applicable)
5.   Weight Restriction requirements
6.   USDA, FDA, or NSF requirements
7.   Insulation requirements
8.   Water  absorption requirements
9.   Limitations of secondary supports
10.   Budget restrictions  

All load requirements and features being equal, Glass-Steel, Inc. fiberglass odor control covers should be lower cost than comparable aluminum covers. Most of our covers utilize a combination of Composolite Panels as the main member. EXTREN Structural Shapes as a support system, and framed Durashield Panels as door panels when doors are required. All hardware is T316 Stainless Steel. The following are a few details of optional components. We also furnish similar systems in non-sealed applications.

industrial & municipal fiberglass fabrication

Flat Covers over Effluent Trough with Integral Doors to access weirs for maintenance. At one end of this Control Cover the wall angle edge. The opposite end of the cover is supported by fiberglass plate columns and also can work as a seal surface.

Typical circular cover for Clarifier Launder


Glass-Steel, Inc.

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Wall Mount Flush Cover

ABOVE: This is a raised equipment drop-in access door assembly for Ontario, CA. This fabricated door assembly can be provided with sealed or non-sealed applications. Raised doors are used to protect equipment that protrudes above the concrete deck. Both halves are hinged for total access.

Section A-A Alternate

Section Surface Mount Cover

A raised support system had to be installed around the inside of the thickener to raise the bottom flange of the center walkway beams. Each cover has an integral structural support system built into the underside of the cover to allow the cover to span up to 18 feet. When the covers are removed, the supports being part of the cover are also removed to allow total access to the tank

Launder Covers, Mooney WWTP Woodbridge, VA (Algae Covers- Unsealed). Covers are walkable with non-skid and integral hatches

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LEFT: Fiberglass Covers being installed from above

LEFT: Fiberglass Structural Support framing for full tank odor control covers at Wolf Creek WWTP Abington, VA

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Section Flush Cover