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industrial & municipal fiberglass fabrication

Customers rely on Glass-Steel fiberglass cabletray because it will not deteriorate from chemical attack or weathering, is non-conductive, nonmagnetic has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent dimensional stability, is lightweight and requires no maintenance. Glass-Steel tray is manufactured in four load sizes (25, 50, 75 & 100 pounds per linear foot). All standard Glass-Steel cabletray is manufactured to a 2:1 safety factor. All fittings are shipped fully assembled, including FRP splice plates. Custom cabletray can be designed and built to meet any loading requirement or special condition.

Glass-Steel cabletray installations are founding chemical processing plants, petrochemical operations, water and wastewater treatment facilities and on offshore platforms.

Glass-Steel cabletray meets the requirements of NEMA Standard FG1. For more information on NEMA requirements regarding cabletray contact Glass-Steel.

  • Electrical and Pneumatic Cabletray
  • Generator Covers for Louvers
  • FRP Analyzer Buildings
  • Handrail for Upper Levels and Special Handrail for Boat Landings
  • Identification Signs for Platforms
  • Well Bay Platforms
  • Sump Tanks
  • Electrical Panels and Cabinets
  • Battery Boxes
  • Heliport System with Non-Skid Surfacing
  • Work Platforms on Main Deck
  • Stairways
  • Ladders
  • Drain Pipe and Drain Systems
  • Subsea Identification Signs 

Glass-Steel is experienced in the design of fiberglass structures and systems and is ready to design structures for you or assist you in your design. Glass-Steel’s extensive experience in fabrication procedures, joint design, and stress analysis of composite assemblies coupled with the use of MMFG EXTREN results in fiberglass structures of superior, cost-effective design and structural integrity.

Design and analysis at Glass-Steel is supplemented by physical testing to ASTM standards in MMFG’s Bristol, Virginia laboratory. Lab testing is used on each lot of material to assure published minimum values are met. In special circumstances actual loads may be simulated in the lab to verify designs.  

Detailing is an extension of the engineering function at Glass-Steel. Clear, straightforward drawings are completed and the necessary approvals obtained before fabrication begins. Field assembly drawings are provided as necessary

Glass-Steel walkway and platform systems are designed to be strong, durable and easily installed at the work site. When size permits, systems are fabricated and shipped preassembled to the customer. Typical environments include chemical, wastewater treatment, offshore, electrical, and plating operations. In many cases Glass-Steel fiberglass platforms cost less than equivalent steel platforms on an initial cost as-installed basis. Additional cost savings are realized through the elimination of maintenance costs over the life of the platform.

The Glass-Steel walkway and platform systems meet the requirements of OSHA Standard 1910.23 for handrail and 1910.24 for stairways. For more information on OSHA requirements regarding platform stairways systems contact Glass-Steel.

  • Clarifier Bridges - Utilizing fiberglass structural shapes and standard Glass-Steel systems, long spans with minimal deflection have been installed at costs lower than comparable concrete and steel bridges.    

  • Trash Racks - Custom fabricated racks of any size can be provided preassembled to the customer.      
  • Walkway & Handrail Systems - Glass-Steel fiberglass handrail and walkway systems are used widely in water/wastewater plants.  

This Glass-Steel all fiberglass railroad tank loading platform features a cantilevered section that rotates upward automatically when not in use (shown locked in down position).

Chemical Processing
Cooling Towers
Exhibit Designers
Food & Beverage
Metal Processing Plating Lines
Micro Chip Plating Lines
Mining & Ore Leaching
Municipal Waste Treatment
Municipal Water / Water Purification
Offshore Drilling & Production
Power Plants
Pulp & Paper
Radar Installations
Raised Computer Floors

  • Troughs -     Fiberglass toughs, custom made to any size and design, have strong integral stiffening and excellent beam strength. Troughs are available with fixed or adjustable flanged ends, or through-the-wall mounting. Troughs are supplied with or without adjustable weir plates and scum baffles.    
  • Weir Plates and Baffle Plates - Pultruded fiberglass weir plates and scum baffles fabricated from fiberglass sheet are custom produced by Glass-Steel. The pultruded weir and baffle plates are maintenance free and have a higher glass content than molded plates. Match-metal die molded plates are also stocked by Glass-Steel (custom notching available) as well as FRP mounting brackets and concrete anchors.  

Typical Markets Served by

Glass-Steel, Inc.

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Preassembly of well bay platform of Glass-Steel plant. 

Above: Fiberglass circular troughs with fiberglass weirs, scum baffles, and mounting brackets were installed in three 140’ diameter clarifiers at the Laredo, TX Municipal Treatment Plant.

Above: Four preassembled platform systems ranging in size from 3’ wide x 21’ long x 9’ high to 11 1/2” wide x 58’ long x 9 1/2” high were installed in the chlorine manufacturing area at Dow Chemical in Freeport, TX.

Glass-Steel, Inc.
​Product Lines

This circular platform surrounds an air stack at a major chemical plant and provides access for EPA workers to take air samples of emissions.  

Grating with well holes are added to preassembly.

This 10’ x 250’ operating aisle platform is on of four such structures prefabricated by Glass-Steel and shipped to a $3.6 billion petrochemical project in Saudi Arabia. 

Left: 2500 feet of Glass– Steel handrail was installed in 1984 at the Fort  Kamehameha Wastewater Treatment Facility, Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii.

extren Fiberglass Structural Shapes

EXTREN fiberglass structural shapes are available in over 100 standard sizes and shapes. EXTREN is produced in three series designed for different environments and applications.                      

    EXTREN 500 An all-purpose line utilizing a polyester resin system.                   
    EXTREN 525 An all-purpose line utilizing a fire retardant polyester resin system.     
    EXTREN 625 A premium line of fiber glass structural shapes - both fire retardant and highly 
    corrosion resistant, utilizing a vinyl ester resin system.  

All EXTREN Shapes have a surfacing veil to protect against “fiberblooming”, increase corrosion resistance, and aid in UV resistance.

The following features of EXTREN which are readily translated into user benefits are shared by fiberglass gratings used in Glass-Steel fabrications.      

  • Corrosion Resistant - EXTREN will not rot and is impervious to a broad range of corrosive environments.          
  • Non-Conductive - An excellent insulator, EXTREN is thermally and electrically non-conductive.  
  • Non-Magnetic - EXTREN is the obvious choice for structural applications where non-metallic non-magnetic properties are required.  
  • High Strength - EXTREN is stronger than structural steel on a pound-for-pound basis.  
  • Lightweight - Weighing 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum, EXTREN structural shapes are easily transported, handled and assembled.  
  • Dimensional Stability - Property designed, EXTREN will not creep or sag under fatigue loading or as a result of prolonged deformation. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is slightly less than steel and significantly less than aluminum and wood.  

Additional information on EXTREN, including a product brochure with properties data, a corrosion resistance guide, and a size availability list, is available from Glass-Steel.


The Glass-Steel handrail systems meet the requirements of OSHA standard 1910.23. For more information on OSHA requirements regarding handrails and guardrails contact Glass-Steel.


Glass-Steel fiberglass ladders and laddercages are in use today in a variety of severe environments. Typical applications include: 



The chemicals present in water/wastewater plants are often largely unknown; therefore, Glass-Steel fiberglass structures are ideal for these operations because EXTREN is impervious to a wide range of chemicals. Glass-Steel products for water/wastewater are described below.    


Above: Completed cabletray section prior to shipment to chemical processing plant.


The use of fiberglass structures on offshore drilling rigs and production platforms is rapidly expanding. Benefits of fiberglass include resistance to saltwater corrosion and significant weight reduction. For existing platforms where congestion is typical, structures of high-strength fiberglass are much easier to retrofit because of the relative light weight of fiberglass (80% less than steel). An additional benefit of fiberglass is the elimination of cutting torches and or welding to make field modifications thereby saving the cost of shutting the wells in.  

  • Water / Wastewater - Numerous Glass-Steel Wet Well Ladders and Handrail Systems are in use in wastewater treatment plants in the southwestern United States.  
  • Pulp and Paper - The pulp and paper industry utilizes Glass-Steel ladders in caustic chemical areas.  
  • Oil Production - Glass-Steel ladders and ladercages have been utilized for years in Texas oil fields on the sides of sour crude storage tanks.  

Glass-Steel ladders meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.27. For more information on OSHA requirements regarding ladders and laddercages contact Glass-Steel.

Note to Specifiers - Typical details and other information needed to specify Glass-Steel handrail systems or ladders are available from Glass-Steel.  

Examples of fiberglass structures and systems for offshore use include the following:

Final assembly of platform in progress on Southpass 62.

Left: Glass-Steel cabletray and tray systems located on offshore platforms in the Pacific Ocean have survived severe storms, salt air, and have given trouble-free service.


Handrail Systems
Ladder Cages
Walkway & Platform Systems
Raised Floor Supports
Baffles & Brackets
Slide Guides & Gates
Emergency Boarding Ladders
Underwater Antifouling Signs & Sheathing 


Work Platforms
Single Piece Monopile Platforms (Offshore)
Personnel Walkways
Mezzanine Towers (CPI)
Clarifier Bridges (Wastewater)
Sluice Gates (Wastewater)
Dome Housing Platform (RR)
Electrical Housings & Barriers
Battery Boxes & Battery Racks
Tank Loading Platforms
Trash Racks
Equipment Skids
Pipe Racks & Pipe Supports & Walkway Stiles
Rolling Platforms
Tradeshow Exhibits
EMI/FRI Transparent Structures
Fume Hoods
Intake Gates & Screens
Floor Systems
Offshore Structures (see List in Offshore Section) 


Glass-Steel, Inc.