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Lifting Beam for Stop Logs
Available in FRP or Galvanized

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When pin protrusion is 2-2 1/2" a standard nylon sling can be used for lifting the stop logs; By putting 1 eyelet around each end of the lifting peg. Use 2 slings per log.

Fiberglass Composite Stop Logs

Materials: Glass-Steel, Inc. stop logs use an Isophthalic polyester resin for both the skin and core.  Since both skin and core use the same resin system the coefficient of thermal expansion are identical, as compared to other stop log products utilizing a metal core. Glass-Steel, Inc. makes two types of stop logs: Type 2 and type P. 

Both make use  of lifting pins integral to the logs that use a special lifting beam for placement and retrieval.  Type “2” (previously called type B) stop logs, have a polymer concrete core with a FRP skin that is 1/8 inch thick.  Type P stop logs have a hollow core.  Both types of  stop logs use sponge neoprene rubber seals that are attached to the bottom of each log to seal between logs. This also seals between the bottom log and the floor or bottom closure.  Side seals are J Bulb neoprene are located on both inside faces of the guide frames for the type 2 logs.  These prevent flow from either direction. For the type “P” stop log, the seal is only on one side of the slide guides; the side opposite to which pressure will be applied.  See drawings on page 6 for type 2 and page 7 for type P details.

Glass·Steel® stop logs use a fiberglass pultruded thermal cure rods, “pins”, thru the faces of the stop logs for the lifting points. The exposed ends of the rods are coated with polyurethane for abrasion resistance. The lifting pins require a special lifting beam for placement and retrieval (see drawings on page 8 for details).  Slings can be used in lieu of the lifting beam if the thru rods (pins) are extended out enough.   Vinyl ester and other resin systems are available as options for both stop log designs.

The standard slide guides for retaining the stop logs in place are fabricated from pultruded fiberglass for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.  These are made from the same materials as the stop logs themselves, Isophthalic polyester.  Stainless steel, or aluminum are also available.  The guides are available in two types: Surface mount or embed.  All anchors and other hardware used is 316 stainless steel.

Benefits:   Glass-Steel® stop logs are less expensive than aluminum, stainless, or co-polymer stop logs.  Glass·Steel® stop logs will never corrode, rot, or rust.  There are no metal components. All surfaces are smooth fiberglass surfaces and are easily cleaned.  All surfaces and resins are NSF compliant, and the logs come with a 25 year no-corrosion warranty.

industrial & municipal fiberglass fabrication

Glass-Steel, Inc. produces composite stop logs for temporary storage of water in flow channels in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.  The sizes of the stop logs vary in height to what ever is the customer preference and the thickness of the stop log varies accordingly to the span and differential head pressure to be designed for.

Las Vegas, NV Type "B" Stop Logs 10'0" clear span rated for 8' of head