Use only for clarifiers 150' diameter or larger, or straight applications

Fabrication: Weir plates shall be furnished with oversized holes or slots for mounting.  Typical mounting holes are 2-5/8”ø on 2’0” c-c.  Other hole sizes or slots at other center to center configurations can be furnished as required.  Weir and baffle splice plates are fabricated from sheet molded plates, manufactured as above.    

Standard weir sizes are:
                         ¼” x 9” tall with 2” vee on 4” centers x 11’11-1/2” long

                         ¼” x 9-1/2” tall with 2-1/2” vee on 6” c-c x 11’11-1/2” long

                         ¼” x 10” tall with 3” vee on 6” centers x 11’11-1/2” long
Standard scum baffles are:
                         ¼” x 12" tall x 12'0" long
Standard scum baffle brackets are:
                         upper - 4" wide x 6" deep x 10" tall
                         lower - 4" wide x 7" deep x 10" tall

Manufacture of Components:
Standard weir plates, scum baffle plates, scum baffle support brackets, weir washers, and splice plates are sheet molded in match metal molds to produce smooth resin rich surfaces free of voids and porosity.  Pressure in molds will exceed 10 psig.  Molded edges of all parts are sealed in the mold.  Holes or other cuts are sealed after cutting.  Bevels on standard vee patterns are molded-in bevels.

Physical Properties of Laminate: (Resin Transfer Molded)   

Angle sizes can be interchanged, sizes that are available are:   
6” x 6” x 3/8”
6” x 6” x 1/2”
9” x 6” x 5/16”
8” x 3-1/2” x 3/4”    
Each of these may be used for upper or lower brackets.  The hole spacing will depend on the angle size used and the application.  Also channel supports may be used as indicated below.  Sizes available are:  
8” x 2-3/16” x 1/4”
8” x 2-3/16” x 3/8”
9” x 3” x 5/16”
10” x 2-3/4” x 1/2”  

*Bracket also available in ungusseted pultruded angle 9" x 6" x 5/16" x 4" long

Weir & Splice Plate Details

Physical Properties of Laminate (pultruded)

Vertical Channel Bracket for Scum Baffle

*Weirs not shown. Any weir size may be used with any bracket configuration or baffle size and type.

The sizes of weirs & baffles indicated are sizes that are available as standards in molded or pultruded weirs and baffles.  In pultruded weirs any size and notch configuration may be furnished.  In scum baffles there are many more pultruded options available up to 4 ft. tall scum baffles in flat plate and reinforced baffles as indicated below.

Fiberglass Scum Baffle Alternate Support Brackets

Non-Standard sizes or configurations:

Glass·Steel, Inc. in addition to its standard line of weirs and baffles can produce weirs and baffles in any size or configuration required.  Materials can be molded or pultruded in thickness of ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, or 1”.  V-Notches can be cut can be cut in for smaller quantities or molded in if quantities justify

Complimentary Items:

Glass·Steel, Inc. is a full line fiberglass fabricator of composite structures.  Products that we manufacture that compliment our weir and baffle products are composite fiberglass troughs, fiberglass trough support brackets, fiberglass bridges, fiberglass rails, and fiberglass gratings.  Glass·Steel, Inc. has in house engineering and design capabilities to handle custom requirements.

Other related items Glass·Steel, Inc. also provides are, fiberglass structural buildings, fiberglass odor control covers, composite diverter baffles, composite fiberglass stop logs and guides, fiberglass stairs, fiberglass ladders, fiberglass platforms, fiberglass water screening systems, etc.

Fiberglass Weir & Baffle Plate Details

​FRP Weir Plates:

industrial & municipal fiberglass fabrication

For a printable PDF version click the file below:

Fiberglass Weir & Baffle Systems
For Wastewater & Industrial Applications

Weir Washer

Also available in 7"Ø, 8"Ø and 9"Ø

Additional Weir & Scum Baffle Options:

Use only for clarifiers 100' diameter or larger, or straight applications

FRP Baffle Plate:

Weir Splice Plate          Scum Baffle Splice Plate

Fiberglass Scum Baffle Support

Bracket for Extended Distances

Glass-Steel, Inc.

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General: All flow control weir shall be produced from fiberglass reinforced isophthalic polyester resins.  Weirs may be v-notched, square notched, straight flat edge, or straight beveled edge.  V-Notch weirs shall have evenly spaced notches throughout the length of the weir except at the splice joint.  Scum baffles, scum baffle brackets, weir washers, and splice plates shall be made of same materials as the weirs above.

Upper Baffle Bracket                                              Lower Baffle Bracket

Scum Baffle with integral reinforcing legs

Typical Weir & Scum Baffle Arrangement

Layout for counter sunk holes will depend on the bracket system used & the bracket spacing used. Re-enforced baffles can span distances up to 6'0" c-c.