Glass-Steel, Inc. produces composite stop plates for temporary storage of water in flow channels in flow channels in water and wastewater treatment plants.  The thickness and or reinforcement of the stop plate varies per application.  Thickness of flat gates can exceed 1” thick.  Reinforcement gates are generally 1/4” pultruded plate with pultruded stiffeners sized per the load requirements for that particular application.  Fiberglass pultruded members are 2 to 2-1/2 times as strong as comparable hand lay-up members and up to 4 to 5 times as strong as some spray up members.  

Materials: For most water and wastewater applications, Glass-Steel, Inc. will use Isophthalic polyester pultrusions.  Custom resin systems are always available such as bisphenols or vinylesters.  Slide guides are usually fiberglass but can be furnished in aluminum or stainless.  Stop Plates do not utilize neoprene seals.  Stop plates rely on the head pressure of the water being stopped to force the gate against the guide to create a seal.  

Benefits: Fiberglass stop plates are less expensive than aluminum or stainless and more corrosive resistant.  Fiberglass stop plates are also lighter and easier to handle.

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Fiberglass Composite Stop Plates

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